About Us

Kwan & Chow, Solicitors is an established Hong Kong law firm conveniently located in the Central District. Our solicitors are experienced in their respective areas and are always ready to assist you on your needs. A list of solicitors in Kwan & Chow, Solicitors can be found under the Solicitors section of this website. For our office location and ways to get in touch with us, please see the Contact Us page.

Practice Philosophy

We aim to:

  • Maintain high professional standards in our services to clients.
  • Deliver quality and efficient services to clients at reasonable and competitive rates.
  • Do our best to understand and fulfil the individual and changing needs of clients.


In 1984, the legal practice was first established under the name of Messrs. Y. K. Fung & Co, Solicitors. Following the retirement of its founding partner, our firm has over the years evolved into its current name of Kwan & Chow, Solicitors. Our firm is now an established legal practice in Hong Kong, with a solid foundation, and our solicitors and other staff have built up experience in their respective fields over time.

Areas of Practice

We practise in various civil matters including civil litigation, commercial / company matters, trade disputes, probate, trademarks/patents registration, as well as landlord and tenant matters. Our firm is also engaged in property transactions and handle mortgages and discharges for banks in Hong Kong. Please refer to the page detailing our Areas of Practice for further details on the scope of services we offer.

Professional Connections

Over the years, legal issues in business settings have grown in complexity. Some of them are increasingly intertwined with issues that require input from other professionals. To better cater for the changing needs of our clients, we have developed connections with practitioners in other professions so that we are in a good position to tackle the legal issues and assist our clients. We maintain professional connections with barristers, accountants, surveyors and experts in other fields. Given the close economic ties with the Mainland, we have also developed working relationships with those in the legal profession in the Mainland.

Our Fees

We aim to provide professional services that suit the needs of our clients at reasonable and competitive fees. Generally, apart from conveyancing and tenancy matters, many of the services we provide are charged on a time-spent basis. The hourly rate chargeable will depend upon the experience and expertise of our lawyers and /or staff on the matter. It is our usual practice to quote the hourly rates of the lawyers involved.

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